Prices and Booking

We want to be able to personalize your trip and you’re coaching with us. We want you to contact us and ask us about what you want and not just see what we offer. Talking together and planning your trip together is how we work and from the huge numbers of return clients we have and the reputation we have built up, we know this works.

We are open all year round and every day, leaving you free to choose your best flight options.

Check out this lovely video made by two of our clients.

Famara Apartments and Coaching

If you’re staying in our Famara Apartments for 7 nights, the 5 day course begins the day after your arrival and check out our schedule page. We make sure you’re able to take a rest day during the week.

We offer long weekend packages too and we are able to change the number of course dates for groups or those wanting longer or shorter courses.  We offer a good discount on singles, groups, families and those wanting more than 5 days coaching and accommodation longer than 7 nights.

We do not offer accommodation without a surfing course.

Staying in resorts with surf school transport

If you staying in the resorts of Costa Teguise or Puerto del Carmen you can choose a 3 or 5 days course or more if you wish.

Course Price Structure

Accommodation is not included in these prices. We base the costs on whether you are staying in Famara or elsewhere and have your own transport to and from our centre, or whether you are staying elsewhere on the island and require our transport service. Each drop down shows the discounted price for multiple days and numbers of people.

Using your own transport or staying in Famara

One or Two Day Course

1 day x 1 person = €55
2 day x 1 person = €109

Three Day Course

3 day x 1 person = €159
3 day x 2 person = €318
3 day x 3 person = €477
3 day x 4 person = €604
3 day x 5 person = €751
3 day x 6 person = €896

Five Day Course

5 day x 1 person = €259
5 day x 2 person = €518
5 day x 3 person = €746
5 day x 4 person = €989
5 day x person = €1217
5 day x 6 person = €1442

Eight Day Course

8 days x 1 person = €400
8 days x 1 person = €800

Ten Day Course

10 days x 1 person = €489
10 days x 2 person = €979

Fifteen Day Course

15 days x 1 person = €730

Requiring transport to Famara

Three Day Course

3 day x 1 person = €179
3 day x 2 person = €358
3 day x 3 person = €537
3 day x 4 person = €695

Five Day Course

5 day x 1 person = €289
5 day x 2 person = €578
5 day x 4 person = €1073

Eight & Ten Day Course

8 days x 1 person = €441
10 days x 1 person = €542

Accommodation in Famara

7 nights apartment for 1 person  = €239

7 nights apartment for 2 or more  = €279

Accommodation is paid for in Euro cash on arrival

All surf course prices include all necessary equipment and picnic lunch. We are happy to tailor the number of course days to your needs and tell us what your plans are, we work with larger groups and longer courses and will be happy to offer discounts if possible.

We can be flexible with the number of nights required for accommodation including long weekends and extended stays.

Coaching only

If you have your own accommodation and / or rental car you can choose as many or as few days as you wish and the daily rate is €55 but would say most who take one day with us will always end up booking more.

When you shop around you will find less expensive courses and accommodation and we are determined not to play the price war game. We know that we offer the very best in safety, coaching, qualifications, equipment and quality. We are the very best and our prices reflect that fact.

Please contact us by email and we can start to put together your booking for you and give you more information about what we do and hear from you what you wish to do!

“It won’t make you rich but no amount of money can buy you prefect surf ”

Gerry Lopez