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The Surf in Lanzarote

Lanzarote and particularly the beach at Famara have some of the most consistent surf conditions to be found in the Atlantic. Very few surf spots in the world can claim to have surf every day but this is one of the most important reasons for having our school at Famara.

We can always surf, coach surfing and its 6K stretch of sandy beach gives us space. This beach also picks up every possible North Atlantic swell. In summer we don’t face the N. Atlantic flat spells either as the N.East trade winds give us swell .We may also use the beaches of Playa de Canteria in Orzola and Playa de Garita in Arrieta. These are East coast beaches that work under different conditions.

We do not take you to the reefs breaks of our island. This is done out of respect to local surfers and we treasure the excellent relationship we maintain with them. The reefs here are often far too crowded and the nature of many of these breaks too dangerous for most surfers.

Tim Jones, Director of Surf School Lanzarote, wrote the most recent Storm Rider Atlantic Islands Guide for Lanzarote and its well worth reading. Famara beach and our other locations are fun beach breaks and were really happy to be able to use them.

Please do ignore some of the “tourist type “reviews of Famara beach. Some are very inaccurate but most are positive as they should be. We are very blessed to have Famara Beach.

Check the wave predictions on these two sites:

Wind Guru

Magic Seaweed

'The ride itself is such a bitchin’ thing, so rewarding, that it becomes so important to you that it becomes the object around which you plan the rest of your life'

Steve Pezman Riding Giants, 2005

'I can’t think of a better place to learn, improve, and just have fun in the warm waters of Lanzarote with the most enthusiastic and professional coaching I have had from Tim and his team'

Renee Godfrey, 4 x Welsh Women’s Champion and British Students Women’s Champion

isa, bsa and ILS international surfing association ils

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and emails from our clients:


Just a quick thank you to you and the two boys for a fabulous few days of ,surfing. I think I can safely say our bodies are starting to recover from the pain of using some unusual muscles and being pounded with salty water!

The reason we had been recommended to come to you was because your course was more complete and professionally run than others, and I have to say it was everything exactly as advertised. The surf was predictably good and we have both learnt things that no one has ever taken the time to explain to us before.

I think we will both be trying to cement some of the things we learnt this summer in Cornwall, let's hope the weather is up to it. I can also see us visiting you again for a continuation of our learning experience.
Please pass on our thanks to George and Simon, both of whom were excellent instructors as well.

Thanks again,
Fraser and Vickie

Hi Tim,

I've just gotten off Magic Seaweed, looks like my local will be good tonight, possibly cracking Wednesday evening, it's a testement to the quality of the course that I can't wait to get back into the water, despite the cold.

Had a great time, learnt so much, I have lots of work to do but a least I know what direction I'm going in. The structure of the course and the quality of instruction were both first class, marry that with fantastic weather and waves all week and you've got a perfect surf holiday. I will definitely be recommending the school to friends.

Will be back in contact when I feel I'm ready for that custom board.

Both Ireland and Wales beaten over the weekend, what a bummer.

Thanks for a great time.

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