Where Do You Stay

Some of you may wish to stay in the resorts of Puerto Del Carmen, Costa Teguise or even Playa Blanca. Or stay in the village of Famara.

We provide a minibus transport service from Puerto Del Carmen and Costa Teguise. There is no service from Playa Blanca.

Or, you may wish to drive over to us by rental car and we are able to provide you excellent directions and maps before your arrival.

Staying in Famara

In this lovely video see more of the Island of Lanzarote and the village of Famara.

See more of the Island of Lanzarote and the village of Famara in this lovely video.

Puerto Del Carmen and Costa Teguise are approximately 25-35 minutes driving time to Famara.

If you choose to use our minibus service, we will pick you up at your accommodation or near to it as possible.

Pick up times for Costa Teguise is 09.25 or 09.55
Pick up time from Puerto Del Carmen is 09.55
Return times are between 17.00 and 17.30

Of course sometimes due to conditions these pickup times may vary, but we will always inform you beforehand.

The resorts are very different from our small village but there are many and varied reasons why you may wish to stay in them.

We have an in depth knowledge of the accommodation throughout the island and we are more than happy to advise you, pre your booking, on your accommodation choices.

“The ride itself is such a bitchin’ thing, so rewarding, that it becomes so important to you that it becomes the object around which you plan the rest of your life.”

Steve Pezman
Riding Giants, 2005