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Our Boards

There are so many individual equipment needs in surfing. Although we keep our classes small, we carry a huge range of boards to cover everyone’s personal requirements.

For complete beginners we start you surfing on easy riding soft boards which we have designed with over 30 years of teaching and design experience . Many other surf schools are happy to use our designs .

Richard Dog Marsh, Australian Junior and Open Champion, Pipeline Master and Bells Finalist, Top 10 ASP said of these boards ….

‘I think these boards are definitely the best learner boards I have ever seen. Getting one for my son’.

Check out this video to see what equipment we are using at our schools.

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Our mid range, mini malibu boards are from South Point and Surftech. We know that quality really counts so we avoid the cheap plastic boards used in many schools. 7’3”s, 7’6”s, 7’7”s, 7’11”s and 8’6”s are in our stock from some of the world’s best shapers. We also design our own range of boards that are really popular at our school. Boards to expand your surfing experience.

Our short board range is based on the transitional fishes and fun boards popular now. Surftech and Downing South Points make up our range.

In longboards we favour the top range from BIC, the classic 9’0, the Nat Young 9’4” and the Person Arrow 10”0 all have been part of our quiver for many years.

We are also happy to see you bring your own boards. But check with us first, we may be able to save you the hassle and expense by using ours….. And find you that magic board.

“Learn to Surf on one of Europe’s best beaches, with serious coaching that will give you drive and determination to progress in your Surfing.”

From Nathan Philips, British Surf Team World Championships South Africa 2001, 2nd in British Pro Surfing Association tour in 2001, 3rd B.P.S.A. tour 2002, Welsh Champion 1999, 3rd British Championships 2000, 2nd place Pro Junior Tour 1999.


Though we use our suits to keep you warmer in the winter months, you will find most of the year water temperatures are above 18C. We use our wetsuits also for sun protection and general comfort on the board, but often our clients are in board shorts and rash vests. Do however always bring good waterproof factor 30+ sun block.

All clients are offered the use of our light 3/2 and 4/ 3 full wetsuits. Check with us first if you want to bring your own.se of our light 3/2 and 4/ 3 full wetsuits. Check with us first if you want to bring your own.

“I think surfers are truly advanced people. That on any planet like ours, when you get a culture that gets into surfing; it’s a sign of maturity on the part of that species”

Timothy Leary
Surfer Magazine 1979